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Our range of pumpers have been specifically designed for use in a broad range of areas such as metropolitan, industrial and mining applications.

These machines are fully featured, offering high capacity pumps, large locker space, perimeter lighting, rescue equipment and are fully customisable to suit specific brigade requirements.

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Info on the M.A.N. Midship Medium Pumper

A Midship Medium Pumper based apon an M.A.N. cab chassis with a Rosenbauer RM601 Manual Turret capable of delivering water at a rate of 1600-4000 litres/min has to be an impressive fire fighting solution.

Rear mount Scania medium pumper information

For those suburbs with narrow roads and alley ways, this Rear Mounted Scania Medium Pumper may fit the bill. Fully Featured, Fully functional, CLICK the picture for more.

Light Pumper and country pumper information

This Light Pumper (Pictured above) with great pumping capacity based on Isuzu's Dual-cab is an extremely affordable alternative to Medium Pumpers

Scania Midship Medium Pumper for FESA

Scania's 260 Horsepower Crewcab powers this fully featured and versatile Midship Medium Pumper. Go Ahead, Take a look.

Isuzu midship Medium pumper

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