Scania Midship Medium Pumper

A Midship mounted Waterous pump, in a Scania crew-cab chassis, offering full 'pump and roll' capability, Automatic pump management, stem light and rescue gear. This fully functional appliance offers an incredible amount of stowage room for equipment.

Top Left: 10 trays of flaked 64mm hose reside in the rear locker, Rescue equipment in the rear left hand 'full length' locker. BA racks and spare cylinders above rear wheels. Gen-set and associated gear are forward of rear wheel. Minor equipment locker is above, with 4 lengths of suction hose stowed forward of this.

Top Right: The Business end of things.



Hose reels:
Water tank:
A class Foam:
B class Foam:

Stem Light:
Siren system:
Emergency Lts:

Med Pumper with Rescue capability
Scania 250 hp, Allison H.D. series Auto trans. (M.A.N. or Mercedes Optional)
Waterous 2 stage, PTO driven
Approx 3600 litres/min @ 10 Bar (150 psi) for Low Pressure stage
Approx 400 litres/min @ 28 Bar (410 psi) for High Pressure stage

2 reels, 60 metres each of 25mm booster hose on electric rewind Reels
Waterous Oil-less electric primer
1200 litres Fibre glass or Poly construction
120 litres, Post pump injection via FoamPro 2001 Series Foam injection Unit
200 litres, Utilising Feecon's Around the Pump Proportioner

Hot dipped Galvanised Steel Frame
'AS' Brand roller shutter type doors
Zumro stemlight 2000 Watt 250 Volt with PTO driven Alternator
Sirenco 200 Watt system
2x Forward, 2x Rear Twin element revolving Beacons and 4x emergency strobes