Scania Rear Mount Medium Pumper

Boasting large locker space and very low tare weight (approx 65% GVM), these high performance appliances are an excellent solution for medium pumper requirements. This Pumper is built around Scania's 250 horsepower Dual-cab and results in an extremely versatile form of Medium Pumper.

Fully featured with Huge locker space, 2-stage pump, rescue equipment, pump and roll capability, automatic pump/engine management system, auto primer, auto transmission, perimeter lighting, BA, suction hoses, ladder gallows, large pump capacity, flaked hose trays and loads of extras


Pump Options:

Water tank:
Hose reels:
A class Foam:
B class Foam:

Stem Light:
Siren system:
Emergency lighting:

Medium Pumper with Rescue capability
Scania 250 horsepower Crew Cab
Godiva 2 stage World Series pump (3070 equivalent) with high pressure mode and 'pump and roll'
Approx 3600 litres/min @ 10 Bar (150 psi) on low pressure mode
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Automatic primer
1100 litres Fibre glass construction
1 nearside, 1 offside, 60 metres each of 25mm booster hose on electric rewind Reels
B class Foam: 200 litres, Incorporating Around the Pump Proportioner

Fully welded and hot dipped galvanised steel sub frame
Roller shutter type doors
Please inquire
Siren system: Sirenco 200 Watt system
Emergency lighting: 2x Forward, 2x Rear Twin element revolving Beacons, 4x emergency lamps

Every effort has been made during the design and construction of each appliance to simplify servicing, repair and general maintenance. Additional cabin instruments such as tank content level displays, pump pressure gauges and pump status indicators eliminate the need to read these levels at the pump panel