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Our Tanker range falls into two categories as pictured here. BULK TANKERS above, RURAL TANKERS below. CLICK on each of the Tankers for more specific information. TOP LEFT is an Isuzu based 12,000 litre water tanker with stationary pump. TOP RIGHT is a dedicated 7200 litre Foam tanker with pump, locker storage on a Volvo FL6 cab-chassis.

We manufacture a wide range of Rural Tankers (Below) which differ from each other in configuration and size. Available in single or crew-cab, these 4 Wheel Drive tankers are available in 1000, 2000, 3000 or 4000 litre sizes. Compact and functional, these tankers are well designed with good entry and exit angles, good ramp-over angles and a low centre of gravity. Take a look at the specs on these very practical appliances.



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Discover the latest 1000 litre 4x4 rural tanker in a crew cab configuration pictured left.

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Click for More Information on this Appliance Click the image to take a look at the latest 2000 litre and 2500 litre 4x4 rural tanker appliances
New 1500 litre rural tanker 1.4

Left is the NEW Isuzu 1500 litre 1.4 rural tanker in a single cab configuration

3000 litre and 4000 litre versions are also available on Isuzu FTS 750 Cab chassis with larger water capacities, Larger pump capacities and greater fire fighting capabilities.

To solve your fire suppression problems, talk to us about your particular tanker requirements