NEW GPA for 2006

Another NEW WA Fire Appliance project for 2006.

A 2800 litre General Purpose Appliance based on the popular air conditioned Isuzu FTS 750 4X4 crew cab chassis.

'Pump & Roll' capability is achieved by coupling a 'hot shift' flywheel PTO to a 1800 litres/min Waterous CLVK pump.

Stowed with all the necessary equipment in the large lockers, reliable pump, B-class type foam, forward work platform, light weight and custom design, makes this versatile appliance a pleasure to operate.

Forward monitor risers and hand-lines put delivery options at your disposal.


Category: GPA (General Purpose Appliance)
Cab chassis:
Isuzu 4x4 FTS 750 crew cab
PUMP & ROLL Hot-Shift Flywheel PTO driven Waterous CLVK pump
Approx 1800 litres/min @ 7 Bar

Water : Approx 2800 litres Poly tank construction
Tank contents Unit :
2 x FRC Tankvision 180 degree view (water, B class foam)

Foam types : B class
Foam tanks :
poly type construction
Foam Capacity:
Approx 200 litres foam
Foam System:
Aquafoam brand ATP (Around The Pump) proportioner
Hose reels:
2 x electric rewind 50 metres of 25mm

Frame: All Aluminium
Aluminium body, Aluminium lockers, Aluminium bins
AS brand roller shutter type doors with auto lighting switches
Work Lights:
3 x 70 Watt work lamps
Siren system:
Sirenco 100 Watt siren system
Emergency lighting:
Blue / red 2 x Forward & 2 x Rear Multi Element Beacon Bar + amber single element rotating beacon
Red/blue emergency flashers forward / rear

Features : Forward work deck, removable pump module for servicing / maintenance / repair, huge flaked hose locker, sturdy swing-out rescue shelf.


Blowing away its rivals with a forward work platform where fire-fighters have access to monitor riser points and hand lines each side of the appliance.

'Pump and roll' capabilities, 1800 litre/min pumping capacity, 2800 litre tank capacity, equipped with rescue gear, spray bar nozzles, emergency equipment sound and lighting, driving lamps, B class foam types with ATP foam proportioning systems, Waterous over pressure relief system, Waterous electric primer, Gauges warning devices and indicators necessary for pump operation, ladder gallows and roof access, 3 x 70 Watt worklamps, red / blue emergency lamps, 8 flaked hose trays, 2 electric rewind hose reels with 50m of 25mm rubber hose, removable pump module, easy service & access, electric cab tilt, AS roller shutter type locker doors.

An incredibly quiet pump due to its configuration makes operation a pleasure. Based on the affordable Isuzu cab chassis, its price comes as a pleasure.

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