NEW 1.4 Rural Tanker

WA Fire Appliances latest addition to the fleet.

A 1500 litre rural tanker (instead of 1000 litres) made possible by substituting Isuzu's NPS300 4x4 single cab workhorse for a crew cab.

This appliance uses a GAAM 125 pump coupled to an 18hp petrol Briggs & Stratton Vanguard engine. Plenty of water is generated to power the 475 litre/min branch which is coupled to the monitor or to supply both hosereels simultaneously. Electric rewind reel nearside and lots of locker storage both sides of appliance.

Featuring a forward work platform containing dual monitor risers, dual handlines and pump controls. Pump may be controlled from rear, forward or in the cab. A simple pump-panel reliably controls the pump and its associated electric driven ball-valves.



Category: 1500 litre 1.4 Rural Tanker 4WD
Cab chassis:
Isuzu NPS 300 4x4 single cab
GAAM 125 close-coupled to 18hp Electric start Briggs & Stratton Vanguard petrol engine
Approx 450 litres/min @ 7 Bar

Water : Approx 1500 litres
Pump Options:
Please Talk to us regarding the many pump Options Available- petrol/diesel

Tank contents Unit : FRC Tankvision 180 degree view
Foam tank:
Multiple 20 litre drum storage
Foam Capacity:
Current storage houses 60 litres of foam
Foam System:
ATP Around the pump foam proportioner system
Hose reels:
2 x hosereels: Nearside-Electric rewind, Offside-manual rewind, 2 forward handlines

Frame: All Aluminium
Aluminium tray, Aluminium decking, Aluminium lockers, Aluminium bins
Swinging type doors
Work Lights:
Three of 24 volt 70 Watt work lamps
Siren system:
Sirenco 100 Watt system
Emergency lighting:
2 x Forward Multi Element Beacon Bar
Red/blue high intensity LED emergency flashers

Pump Controls : Functional from rear, forward or cabin stations


Simple panels for ease in operationElectric rewind hosereel on the nearside, hand primer, locker top bins stow all of the larger gear such as suction hoses, crowbars. Rear controls are delightfully simple.

The pump may be started at any of the 3 stations and controlled by any of the 3 stations and therefore stopped by any of the 3 stations

Contact us regarding any enquiry