12 000 Litre Bulk Tanker

Based on a 6 Wheeler Isuzu single-cab, This tanker comprises of a Multi-baffled and internally lined Aluminium tank. The tanks are built here at WA Fire Appliances with approximately 12000 Litres capacity. The Tanker inherits a removable pump-set which offers ease in drafting from static water supplies and is coupled to a live hose reel.

Featured with a Huge Butterfly Dump Valve,Work lamps, Large Locker, suction hoses, tank-top access, Emergency lighting and Siren System


Cab chassis:
Pump Options:

Water tank:
Hose reels:


Work Lights:
Siren system:
Emergency lighting:

12 000 Litre Water Tanker
Isuzu FVZ 1400 6-Wheel Single-Cab 16 tonne GVM
Your choice of single/multistage Volume or pressure pumps
We can give you the Best advice for you flow requirements
Please Talk to us regarding the many pump Options Available

Manual Hand Primer
12 000 Litre Aluminium, Internally Lined and Baffled
30m, 50m, 70m, and 90m in 19mm, 25mm or 40mm hose sizes
Reels are available Live or Dry in Manual or Electric Rewind
Any size Foam tank is available if requested

Fully welded and Isolated Steel subframe
Galvanised steel tray, Aluminium Bins/Lockers, Stainless Steel Decking
'AS' Brand roller shutter type doors
Four of 24 volt 70 Watt work lamps
Sirenco 200 Watt system
2x Forward, 1x Rear Single element revolving Beacons, 4x emergency lamps

Tank Top access a breeze with plenty of room to move on the Stainless Steel Deck area

Collectors and Deliveries made available at the rear and the forward locations

Large Nearside Locker for Stowage of Standpipe and Key, Hoses and Minor Equipment.

Suction hoses reside in the Tank-Bin

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